10 Mar

As #BlackHistoryMonth comes to a close and #WomensHistoryMonth approaches, I want to take a moment to honor #BlackWomen - both those around me and those who came before me.

Recently, I underwent a complex and necessary hysterectomy after years of living with excruciating pain and receiving a less than favorable diagnosis. My world changed quickly, and I had to reset and prepare for the unexpected.

But my medical team and oncologist were incredible, and after my surgery, they told me, "You deserve to live without pain. You deserve ease." Their words reminded me of the power of vulnerability.

As Black women, we often feel we must bear the weight of pain, hardship, and suffering. We feel like we have to be strong, enduring, and capable of fixing everything - a dangerous stereotype. But we don't have to be strong all the time. We can allow ourselves to be vulnerable and soft. We deserve ease and rest as much as anyone else. We are worthy of it and have earned it.

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